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Justin is a well rounded attorney with extensive experience is corporate, real-estate, and entertainment law with about 20 years of legal experience.  Justin provides the Firm's clients expertise in corporate, licensing, real-estate and entertainment law both as having been a practicing attorney at some of the Los Angeles area's most prestigious general practice and entertainment law firms and as an in-house attorney at both a technology start-up and his own real-estate business.  While at Apogee, Justin has represented Ubiquity, Inc., DashRadio.com, and TEN Media, LLC. in matters that have included:

  • drafting producer, insurance, intellectual property, sponsorship, and license agreements with egg suppliers, retailers and sponsors valued at millions of dollars;
  • creating a division for a virtual reality company with the execution of asset purchase, merger, settlement, and finance agreements with investors valued at millions of dollars;
  • composing software-as-a service (SaaS) subscriptions, indemnities, source code escrows, and the following agreements: open source software, service level, copyright and software licensing, technology and development, cloud computing, idea submission, software development kit (SDK), OEM, distribution, and data;
  • providing corporate governance, protect shareholder interests, draft corporate policies, and file compliance documents for client companies (public and private);
  • managing intellectual property portfolios and related activities, including the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent and trademark applications for client companies; lead investigations of validity and infringement;
  • partnering with technology teams to identify and capture design and development innovations and convert them to intellectual property rights (i.e., electronic security, virtual reality, and electronic currency systems);
  • structuring and draft technology transactions and agreements; develop strategies for patent and technology licensing for client companies;
  • preparing all materials and content for potential investors, banks, government departments, strategic partners, and future strategic partners for client companies;
  • managing, coordinating, developing strategies for, supervise, guide and resolve a wide variety of litigation and pre-litigation disputes, including commercial, intellectual property, press, marketing, and insurance coverage matters and government investigations;
  • building up digital music company by creating podcast, radio program, radio distribution, radio advertising, promotional, local marketing, license, management, producer, and radio work-for-hire agreements; close on numerous client deals for company; and
  • negotiating and drafting real estate contracts and overcome and troubleshoot legal issues pertaining to commercial and residential property development projects, purchase deals, real estate financing and leasing (including studio), land sales, title issues and searches, escrow arrangements, property management, and lease disputes of client companies

Justin came to the Firm after being General Counsel for seven years at TEN Media, LLC a technology start-up company in the food services industry.  At TEN, Justin created entire legal department and managed the ongoing intellectual property, business, contracts, employment, finance, and other litigation matters for TEN.  While at TEN, Justin negotiated license and sponsorship agreements with company’s customers and prospective customers valued at millions of dollars.  He managed and drafted finance agreements including notes (secured and unsecured), business plans, funding and finance matters for company and investor issues (including security and loan agreements).  Provided counseling and action on all facets of intellectual property portfolio (containing hundreds of properties) on copyright, patent, advertising, trademark, and litigation matters. Counseled company clients on advertising, distribution, marketing, licensing, e-commerce, employment dispute, privacy and other miscellaneous issues and composed related agreements, purchase agreements, partnership agreements, distribution and data agreements, NDAs, source code escrows, service level agreements, copyright and software licensing agreements, technology and development agreements, OEM agreements, employment/independent contractor agreements, producer agreements, and other legal corporate or government agreements valued at millions of dollars; handle legalities for press releases.  Complied with federal, state and local food safety regulations pertaining to TEN products.  Maintained proper corporate governance and advised boards on their fiduciary duties and potential liabilities to stockholders and creditors in business.  Facilitated business formation and development for business owners and other stakeholders.  Negotiated corporate issues and M&A issues and offered advice to shareholders.  Consulted clients in negotiating and drafting commercial real estate relating to buying, selling, developing and leasing property (including litigation).  Represented company regarding related various business bankruptcy and auction actions.

Prior to TEN, Justin was an corporate and entertainment attorney at prestigious law firms of O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Bail and Ross, LLP, and Mayer, Glassman, Gaines & Rapore.  While at those firms, Justin :

  • worked on $2 billion antitrust computer technology litigation case (until client was paid $1.25 billion in damages) and other large litigation cases (involving Fortune 500 banks);
  • drafted memoranda for deposition preparation, proof points, and arguments on major discovery and litigation matters; composed OEM reports and memoranda of discovery strategies; researched complex antitrust collusion, monopoly, unfair competition, secured transactions, and mortgage matters and related discovery issues;
  • headed and led associate teams in Iconect, Ringtail, and Attenex program evidentiary projects and other discovery research projects in above matters in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S.;
  • negotiated and drafted buy-sell, employment, asset purchase agreements and short form mergers;
  • managed company compliance matters, and handled trust and board issues for major companies;
  • advised large trust funds, multiemployer unions, and a supermarket chain on all management and operations
  • counseled clients on business structure and formed corporate business entities;
  • negotiated and drafted Internet consulting, content license, software licensing, Internet advertising, website development, promotion and advertising (for two Fortune 500 companies) (including sweepstakes), multimedia, marketing, film (producer and writer), video distribution, promotional tie-in, and employment and independent contractor agreements;
  • counseled clients in complex real estate, licensing, welfare fund, business, corporate, copyright, trademark, and entertainment matters and transactions;
  • drafted pleadings and conducted discovery for business, corporate, and ERISA court cases;
  • negotiated corporate, copyright, trademark, film production, music, and multimedia matters and transactions for ‘A’ level talent and other business clients;
  • reviewed and drafted options, acquisitions of literary material, collaboration, loan-out arrangements, turn-around provisions, advertising and promotional product agreements, and agreements regarding writer, producer and performer employment, consultant, licensing, and music for Academy Award winners and ‘A’ level talent; and
  • researched, drafted pleadings, conducted discovery, and made court appearances for motions regarding corporate, business, Chapter 7, and bankruptcy issues.

Prior to TEN, Justin was also an small business owner that included acting as a real-estate broker and attorney at Hidden GEN Mangement, Inc. where Justin  bought, sold, and brokered real estate investment properties, single-family dwellings, multi-unit and commercial properties; negotiated and drafted residential and commercial leases and consulted clients on real estate, title, foreclosure, loan, credit, legal, and buy/sell issues.  He advised clients on commercial real estate landlord issues and related legal complex transactions and counseled clients on financial plans utilizing knowledge of tax and investment strategies, and real estate market analyses.  He also negotiated and drafted real estate sales, rental, and lease-back contracts; advised on related mortgages, notes and loans; enforced agreements via legal solutions and court appearances
and managed rental properties; rehabbed and resold investment properties for profit for clients making them 25% to 50% on their investment.


Brown University

BA, Political Science, 1993

Northwestern University School of Law

J.D., 1996

State Bar of California
California Real Estate Broker

California Notary Public

U.S. Central District of California


Extern for Hon. Stephen V. Wilson

U.S. Central District Court

Summer 1994

(310) 709-7903

Justin Brown

Senior Counsel

© 2016 Apogee Law Group P.C. All rights reserved.

© 2016 Apogee Law Group P.C. All rights reserved.