Our team of patent attorneys includes:​

  • ​Opinions for patent infringement, non-infringement, validity, and invalidity
  • Patent litigation
  • U.S. patent interferences
  • Appeals before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Board of Appeals

GPS and Navigation Systems

  • US Patent 6,606,349
  • US Patent 6,856,794
  • US Patent 7,047,023
  • US Patent 8,041,330

Computer Hardware

  • US Patent 8,107,182
  • US Patent 8,578,116

RF, Microwave, Millimeter wave & Optical Devices

  • US Patent 6,674,999
  • US Patent 6,785,530
  • US Patent 6,927,101
  • US Patent 8,965,727
  • US Patent 9,350,064
  • US Patent 9,373,880
  • US Patent 9,516,617


Telecommunications Systems

  • Cellular infrastructure & handsets
  • Cable modems
  • Network protocols
  • Optical networks
  • Digital signal processing
  • CMOS Imaging
  • Control systems
  • Business methods
  • Microwave & millimeter-wave technology
  • Analog & digital circuitry
  • Processor architecture
  • Electro-optical devices
  • Medical devices
  • Chemical devices and processes
  • ​Patent portfolio management
  • Foreign patent application preparation & filing
  • Patent application prosecution (US & foreign)
  • Patentability analysis & opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate (product clearance)
  • Due diligence​

Innovation is the backbone of any technology business attempting to compete in the modern competitive world.  For these business, ideas are assets that need to be protected and typically these ideas are inventions that qualify for patent protection.  Securing patent protection for these inventions prevents others from appropriating these ideas, which may be critical to the success of the technology business.  As such, it is important to select patent attorneys who understand your technology, are highly experienced in patent law, and will partner with you to make sure that your patent filings and prosecution capture the most of your ideas so as to maximize their value as assets.

Our team of patent attorneys are all ex-practicing engineers with degrees in Chemistry, Biological Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science.  Some have graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and all have worked as engineers or scientists (prior to attending law school) at nationally known companies such as Gas Research Institute, Motorola Inc., Bell Northern Research, U.S. Navy, Crown Zellerbach, Blue Cross of California, Chevron, Alcatel-Lucent, Abbott labs, and Hughes Aircraft Company.

As patent attorneys, our team has drafted and prosecuted combined over a thousand patent applications over the years in the electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, software, and chemical arts.  Specifically, our team has drafted and prosecuted case in technical areas that include for example:

  • Wireless communication and networking​
  • Wireless voice and data communications
  • Computer networking
  • Information coding techniques
  • Optical systems
  • Digital image processing
  • Navigation systems & software
  • Software applications & designs
  • Electromagnetic systems
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Sensor technology
  • Semiconductors
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Clean & alternative energies
  • Petroleum devices & devices

For reference purposes, attached are a small sample of some example patents that our attorneys have personally drafted either at Apogee or previously in different technology area:

Over the years, our patent attorneys have drafted and prosecuted ​patent applications that include, for example, Gas Research Institute, Motorola, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent), Sony Corporation, Bell and Howell Postal Systems, Sun Microsystems, Agilent Technologies, Avago Technologies, Verigy, Conexant Systems, Skyworks Solutions, Broadcom Corporation, SiRF Technology, Jazz Semiconductor, Qimonda AG, Entropic Communications, Siemens, and the Boeing Company. 

In additon to drafting patent applications, our team also provides counsel in regards to:

Antenna Systems

  • US Patent 6,680,703
  • US Patent 8,519,902
  • US Patent 8,897,032
  • US Patent 9,537,212
  • US Patent 9,564,689

Semiconductor Fabrication & Test

  • Satellite, wireless, & land-based telephonic communication technologies
  • VoIP technologies
  • Secure networks
  • Distributed systems
  • Digital recording media
  • GPS Technology
  • Automated systems
  • Antenna design
  • RF Systems & circuitry
  • Power amplifiers
  • Solid-state/semiconductor layout & processing
  • Electronic Testing & measurement systems
  • Audio Receivers & transducers

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