© 2016 Apogee Law Group P.C. All rights reserved.

© 2016 Apogee Law Group P.C. All rights reserved.

  • Trademark litigation
  • Infringement & dilution issues
  • International registration of trademarks
  • Counterfeiting, gray-market goods, false advertising, & cybersquatting
  • Selection and clearance of trademarks
  • Domain name issues

Our team of trademark attorneys includes:​

  • Registration of Federal and State trademarks
  • ​Trademark portfolio management
  • Trademark prosecution & maintenance (US & foreign)
  • Oppositions & cancellation proceedings in the US
  • Due diligence
  • Licensing, acquisition, & disposition of trademarks


In today's market, a company's name, trademark, and trade dress are all important parts of an organization's identity, reputation, goodwill, and brand.  For many organizations these represent the most critical assets of the organization because once an organization has established them they become a competitive advantage in today's market.   Protecting and preventing others from from misappropriating these marks is key because they represent and embody of the assets.  As such, obtaining strong trademark protection is very important.

Our team of trademark attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of protecting an organization's trademarks and brand names in the U.S. and foreign nations.  In addition to working with trademarks in a law firm environment, a number of our trademark attorneys have actually established and managed large trademark portfolios while being in-house attorneys.   Our team provides counsel in regards to: