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Payments & Pricing

Apogee Law Group offers a number of options to help you out with the financial side of securing legal counsel. Talk to our team to see which options best fit your situation. 

Reduced Retainer

We understand that not everyone has the ability to pay a full retainer upfront. If this is the case for you, we can help lower your initial retainer so you can have access to legal counsel immediately. 

Payment Plans

A payment plan will help you get the legal counsel you need now, without need the finances upfront. If you are short on savings, let our team know so we can setup a payment plan for you. 

Discounted Rates

You may qualify for discounted hourly rates if you are facing financial hardship. Talk with our team to see if you qualify for discounted rates. 


A FLARPL is a Family Law Attorney’s Real Property Lien. It allows an attorney to record a lien against a client’s interest in real estate to cover fees for legal services that are incurred during the representation. 

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